Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lots of events at the store (and one big event that is NOT at the store)

Hello all,

I wanted to drop in here and let you know that I have updated the website's events page.

There are lots of good events coming up this fall.

We have an "Evening with Liesl" (her class is now full, but you can still get tickets to her presentation for just $5!)...

We have our annual "Late-Riser's Sale" for all our locals...

We have a 4-day "Thanksgiving Sale" that is just for our internet fans...

And we have a "Holiday Craft Swap," among other things!

For more information on any of these events, please go and check out the events page as soon as you get a chance.

And as most of you know, the nuptials (that would be the one "Big" event to which I am referring) are taking place on the 23rd.

Of October.

Also known as "9 days from now."

I will be checking in between now and then but I wanted to let you know that as the big day approaches, I am getting more and more excited and it all feels very much "real" to me now and I am so crazy that I don't know how I am going to live with myself for the next week and 2 days.

All it takes is one lovey-dovey, happy-sappy song to play on the radio and I am a wreck.

All tears, this one.

I'll pull it together for the big day, though.

And here's a juicy tidbit for you...

In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I had a very dramatic last-minute "change of a dress" and I am no longer wearing this little number ...

but have decided to go with this lovely frock instead!

I love it!

It is so comfy and has the loveliest details, like a sweet golden zipper that matches my ring and other baubles quite nicely!

Now I just have to rustle-up some killer boots and I can get myself hitched in style!

(A huge "thank you" to Jessica in the returns department at J.Crew for dealing so nicely with a *slightly* hysterical bride who may or may not have misplaced her receipt and may or may not have adhered to the 60 day return policy... if you were an angel, you would have earned your wings by now and I am forever in your debt!)

And file this under "strange-but-true", one of my dearest friends just took a whirlwind trip to LA for her brother's wedding, and the bride in that instance had also recently returned a dress to J.Crew in favor of the exact same dress that I chose!

Don't believe me?

There are pictures here!


I will see you again soon... say a little prayer for good weather on the 23rd!

Don't forget to check the events page!




Jenny said...

lovely dress! hope to see the happy couple in pictures soon!

Cindy said...

Love it! Flowers are in the mail to go with! CC and PH

Anonymous said...


I ADORE THE DRESS! I like both of them, but totally like the new one you've chosen better. You're going to be so beautiful! LOVE IT!

Bettie K.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog stories, really love the dress, the fabric flowers, oh my, what a day it's going to be! Congratulation!!!