Friday, October 1, 2010

Innocent Crush is in!!!

Anna Maria Horner's new line "Innocent Crush" just came though the doors.


Still on "City Weekend" watch.

If you had told me that we would get "Innocent Crush" before we would get "City Weekend" I would have told you to hush yo mouth.

But here it is, October 1st and still no "City Weekend."

Moda told me last week it would start shipping on the 28th so it should be here any second, tick, tick, tick.

I've got a big ol' space carved out for all those knits and everything, just waiting to be filled up.

In the meantime, Jessica is gone today and Mom and I are here at the shop by our twosome and as soon as I finish this post my fingers are gonna start flying to put "Innocent Crush" up on the web.

Updated to add that the fabrics are up in the shop already, soon to be joined by FQ bundles and Turning Twenty kits, too!

Oh, and I should mention that these are JUST the quilting weight cottons.

We have ordered almost all of the velveteens, voiles and home-dec fabrics, but they aren't going to be in until December-ish, they tell me.

We shall see...



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