Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Funny Poem (AKA What happens when Rhea is left at the shop alone)

I'm sitting in the shop and it's getting real late,

But I'm not to be leaving the shop until Eight.

Tonight is Alewive's local Men's Shopping Night,

But the weather outside is a terrible fright.

All the men, they came early, going home to their wives-es,

And I'm here at the shop left to my own devices.

I'm looking at all of the work I should do,

Like uploading fabrics for people to view.

I uploaded some, could not get in the mood,

So instead I've been sitting here eating all of our food.

I have called husband Ollie to bug him from next door

And I've cranked up the music and danced on the floor.

Perhaps I have played a wee bit of tetris,

I forgot just how nice having time to myself is!

But to tell you the truth I think it will be great,

When I get to go home and the clock says it's Eight!

I'll be back again before Christmas with something more "professional," I promise!



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