Thursday, May 19, 2011

Customer Inspiration: Jaime and Jessica

In keeping with the theme of my last post, today I have some gorgeous customer inspiration to share with you.

One came to me by way of e-mail, the other came to me in person, on the arm of a customer in our Damariscotta Mills store.

Up first, Jaime was one of my students in my latest online Turning Twenty class, which wrapped up on Easter Sunday.

(Aren't those hangers the sweetest things ever?)

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I saw a last-minute order from Jaime: not for her Turning Twenty finishing supplies, but for the pattern and fabrics for not one, but two Oliver+S Family Reunion Dresses she was hoping to finish in time for Easter.

The Family Reunion Dress is one of three new patterns released by Liesl+Co this spring and I think it's the cutest thing ever: very timeless and classic and simple and sweet.

If I were me, I would totally wear the Family Reunion dress.

Here's what Jaime had to say about her experience stitching up her very first Oliver+S patterns:

Hey Rhea!!!

I thought (since I'm so proud of myself!) I'd share these
photos of my girls in their mama-made Oliver & S dresses (from the patterns I ordered from your shop). These were my first dresses to make and I was blown away by the ease of the instructions and how wonderfully the fit & finished look turned out.

(yes, my turning twenty quilt was put on hold but I did manage to finish these in time for Easter!)

Awesome job, Jaime... and your little girls are so sweet!

I can't believe this was Jaime's first attempt at dress-making and that she was able to finish these little numbers in time for Easter... it must have been a close call!

(Doesn't this confirm everything I've always told you about the Oliver+S patterns? Lovely to work with, I tell you!)

And next up, we have a walk-in customer: my friend Jessica who sells gorgeous bags and goodies at her Maine Girl Creations etsy shop and at (check out her hot yoga bags... I am such a good candidate for one of those!).

I think Jessica was in the shop a full 1.5 seconds before I accosted her and demanded to know all about the fabulousness on her arm, which turned out to be the Cosmo Bag from the newest Amy Butler book, Style Stitches.

If you remember, I have made one of these bags myself and reviewed the pattern here.

It was so much fun to chat with Jessica about the bag and confirm what worked well and what was tough, and discuss our mutual love for the dancing paisley fabric in limestone.

I think her bag is gorgeous.

Reminds me I need to make one of those to keep for myself.

Well, that's it for today... I hope if it's not good "outdoor" weather that wherever you are it's good "sewing weather."

When the forecast calls for rain five days in a row, you kinda have to make the most of it, right?

And thanks so much to Jaime and Jessica for a good healthy dose of customer inspiration!




Suz said...

How was your trip to Boston? Was yours the game played, rained out or delayed?

Did you visit any quilt shops?

Rhea Butler said...

Hi Suz,

We were the Monday night game: AKA the awesomest game EVAR!!!



Marlene said...

What is the darker blue fabric of the little girl dresses? Want!