Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You could go with this or you could go with that

I should be doing this:

But instead I'm doing this:

My big ol' apple tree is in blossom and starting to go by... I love that thing so much and look forward to when it blooms each year... "springtime snow."

This is what I've been doing the most: making tons of little hexies after Brooke's super-fabulous class on Sunday afternoon...

(These guys are still around...)

We FINALLY got around to planting our little garden... here's our best helper, surveying the rhubarb...

Our lilacs are *just about* to bloom...

And to top it all off I have a super-cute new haircut.

Bangs: who knew?

Very Marion Cotillard, don't you think?

(Thanks, Natasha... I love it!)

Isn't procrastinating grand?




Rae said...

love it all esp the haircut!!! CUTE!

Wendy said...

You definetly made the right choice!! Your haircut looks awesome. I am wondering how big is that pin cushion in the hexie pic? It looks ginormous.

Rhea Butler said...

Thanks Rae and Wendy!

Wendy, the pincushion is ginormous and I don't know how I ever lived without it.

I won (stole) it at one of our craft swaps... but I think it's the pattern from the Anna Maria Horner "Seams to Me" book.



Unknown said...

also, so glad to see you still making hexies! :D

Moi said...

Hair looks great!!
Hope you have another hexie class one of these days...

May said...

Love your new 'do and the toes! The apple blossoms make the red pop and accentuate the little flowers.

Suz said...

Can relate to the procrastinating...don't worry, all will get done.

Cute hair!