Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week's ad

Tee hee...

(It's zombie chic!)

She's Helena Bonham-Carter meets Bride-of-Frankenstein meets the upcoming Holiday Food Drive.

Every year it's a bit tough to do the ad this particular week: I want to do something Halloween-y but I also need to push the Late-Riser's Sale, and I want people to remember to bring food for our Holiday Food Drive...

That's a lot of info to cram into a space the size of a business card, plus some cute little drawing, but as GOD is my witness I make it happen!

In other news, please DO bring a non-perishable food or toiletry item to our upcoming Late-Riser's sale and we've got a free little goodie for you as our way of saying thanks.

Even if you don't bring something in on Saturday we'll be collecting food until December 21st.

Donate early and donate often, I always say.

And if you haven't already done so, go check out Amanda's blog today: there's a giveaway for one of our "Sense and Sensibility" fat quarter sets and a promotional code for 10% off any online (or in-store) purchases.

Go say hi to Amanda, tell her I sent you, and best of luck!



PS. I promised Jacquline I wouldn't blog about this yet, but I just can't help it: Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric collection "Echo" has arrived and is up in the shop! Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, Jacquline?


Emily said...

Ooh! How's the gift issue? And can you save me a copy for the online sale this weekend? :)

Rhea Butler said...

Hey Emily! We got a TON of copies (I finally learned to just order a ton at the onset instead of re-ordering once, twice, three times... silly!) so I bet there will be plenty left for the big sale this weekend!

See you then?



Jacqueline said...

You TRADER, you!!! The Lotta arrival was our little secret. I really need to get my order wrapped up, so many lovelies! Hugs all around!

Rhea Butler said...

* :-) *

Emily said...

Well I will definitely be online Sunday! And I'm buying some Lotta, no doubt!