Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming this summer to an Alewives Fabrics near you

I'm going to admit that I'm a little frightened by the amount of new fabrics we have ordered for the shop lately, but how are we supposed to NOT order something if it's completely fabulous and amazing?

Every time I have a spare moment at the shop I wander around and rearrange/neaten the shelves, and I am a bit reassured about the huge orders when I see that there are an awful lot of empty spaces where there once were bolts and bolts.

Without further adieu, take a look at some of the collections that will be arriving this summer...

"The Birds and the Bees" by miss Tula Pink:

This is an image from Tula's blog, which if you don't already read may I recommend the hasty following of?  We've *almost* ordered the entire collection (quilting weight cottons, laminates, voiles...) and folks, this is a big. ol. collection!

Another big.ol. collection: Field Study by Anna Maria Horner (photo found here).  We have ordered the entire collection: leopard spots and all!  Again with the quilting cottons, laminates and voiles.

Remember these from Martha Negley for Westminster?  Yeah, me too.  They are some of my all time favorite fabrics (of all time).  I somehow convinced my business associate (Mom) that we should order the entire collection.  It was a no-brainer and she was powerless to resist.  This collection is just in quilting weight cottons as far as I know.

And speaking of no-brainers...  we've got the entire Chicopee collection (the latest and greatest from Denyse Schmidt) on order as well!  And because I am that kind of a girl, I contacted Westminster and pulled a few strings and we should be getting our shipment of Chicopee just in time for Denyse's visit to Alewives in August.  How do you like them apples?  This collection is quilting weight cotton.  It has a few prints in corduroy, but sadly we found those to be a bit cost prohibitive, so for now, we are only going to be carrying the quilting weight cottons in all their glory.

Heather Ross' "Nursery Versery" will be out this summer, too!  Every time Heather comes out with a new collection, it is cause for celebration, and we double up on our order at the shop, because it takes sooo long for the fabrics to come in but virtually no time at all for them to sell out.  I personally have BIG plans for this here cheater print. 

These are some samples of Amy Butler's newest collection, Cameo.  Yup, we've got the whole kit 'n caboodle on order.  Quilting weight cottons, laminates and all.  You can see the whole shebang on Westminster's site here.  I am really loving this collection.  A lot.  It has just a touch of schizophrenia and you know I love that in a collection.  Keeps everything from being too "matchy matchy."

And believe it or no, there is a lot more coming in to the shop in the next few weeks!  These are just the big, huge collections that will be arriving.  I've probably forgotten some, but the majority of them should be covered in this blog post.

I can't wait!


Emily said...

I'll just give you my credit card now...I want them all!

Bianca said...

These are all great collections!

Jenny Bartoy said...

Wow! So exciting. I love every single one of these collections. Will be visiting with credit card in hand...

Rhea Butler said...

We're gonna need those credit cards when we get the bill for all these amazing collections!

megstring said...

Just a touch of schizophrenia---I'll have to remember that one!