Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday afternoon

Just stopping in for a quickie...

And to let you know some very important facts.

My (not so) little sister graduated from the 8th grade this past Friday night.
Johanna is so beautiful inside and out (I want to be just like her when I grow up... ha ha ha).
I was really proud of her and you'll have to excuse me as I brag a bit.
She received a special award for highest achievement in creative writing skills, which in our family I would say is the highest of all high honors.
Johanna also had one of the five highest grade point averages so she was chosen to make a speech.
In fact, she was the "opening act." 
I told her the opening act was the best thing to be.
Madonna always opens the show or nothing at all.

I am here in the shop on a glorious Sunday afternoon, with the doors and windows wide open and a delicious breeze wafting through the building.
It's quite pleasant.

 I am listening to one of my favorite songbirds: Miss Kate Bush.  If you've never heard of her before go out and download (or buy if you are still old-fashionedy like me and enjoy CD's) a copy of "The Kick Inside."  Immediately!

There is a promotional code for 10% off your in-store or online orders over at Soulemama's blog.  If you are speedy, you may still have time to enter the giveaway for the new "Wildflower" Turning Twenty kit (pictured above), but the promotional code is good until June 24th.

I think tonight I shall have a vanilla milkshake for diner...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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