Monday, December 17, 2007

"Last Minute" Shoppers Unite!!!

No, I am not a last minute shopper. I would say I am more of a control freak, all-year shopper who is type A-plus. I may, on occasion, purchase a select few items dangerously close to D-day if for no other reason than because they fit the bill for some of my "harder to shop-for" friends and family. BUT, I know that there are last minute shoppers out there a-plenty, and have I got good ideas for you:

First off, there is the ever popular "Gift Certificate." Always a good choice. The "Savings Bond" of Christmas presents. A safe, dependable return on your investment. We happen to have snazzy new G.C.'s this year (designed by Yours Truly) and I personally know several gals (and guys) who would be thrilled to find this little gem under their tree this year. I suggest wrapping Gift Certificates (of any kind for that matter) in a funkily-shaped box or bag of some sort. You know, just to throw the recipient off of the scent. Perhaps the old cardboard toaster box from last year's Christmas present. Maybe put a few rocks or old magazines in there so that the box is not suspiciously light for a present of that scale. Then, when the recipient opens said present and sees the tell-tale envelope containing the G.C., you can quietly snicker to yourself that: heh, heh, you put a little ROCK 'N ROLL into Christmas this year.

Next up, the Class/Pattern, Class/Book combo. This has been very popular lately. Think of it as a well seasoned stock that you know will pay a good dividend: The recipient is going to enjoy the prospect of taking a class, and has an actual item to un-wrap (the book or pattern that accompanies said class), yet still has a few choices to make independently (such as which fabrics to use). Sign yourself up for that same class while you're at it. Then you can watch your loved one enjoying the present you gave them and do a little bonding at the same time.

And finally, may I suggest the buying of FABRIC. This would be the high-yield/high risk item in your portfolio. I mean, you have to TRULY know someone to confidently buy them fabric (the same also applies to shoes). If you pick the wrong fabric to match a person's personality it has the potential to actually be insulting (You bought me 30's repro prints??? Don't you know anything about me??? I'm a batik girl through and through!!! Sniff!!!),... But. If you choose fabrics correctly, I guarantee the results will produce a near euphoric state for your loved one, returning the most yield for your investment in the shortest amount of time (Joel Dewberries? Amy Butlers and Heather Baileys? Kiss me, you fool!!!). Risky? Yes. But that is where we Alewives Girls come in. We cannot boast 100% accuracy, but we know our customers so well, the odds are definitely in your favor.

If you are someone hoping to receive one of the above mentioned presents may I suggest printing off a copy or two of this post and then, ever so casually slipping it into your gift-buyer's favorite newspaper or magazine. "What's this?" They will say. "OOPS," You can say, "How did THAT get in there. I must have been daydreaming about all the great stuff at Alewives again..." And then, instead of removing the print-out, feign a (mild) coughing fit and remove yourself to get a glass of water.

The establishment will be open right up until noontime on Christmas Eve to help solve your Last Minute shopping dilemmas. My ladies have been briefed and are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to point you in the right direction.

Until next time, darlings!!!




Erin said...

LOVE this! Must show Stephen!!! That is a lovely picture of the fabric rolls :) Sorry we didn't make it in today. Maybe Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I spy a birdy!