Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quilts and the Country

... as opposed to "Sex and the City."

That's right: I went there.

Is it so off track to imagine myself the rural equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw? Particularly so as I sit here in my apartment (okay, it's a house), typing away on my laptop. And I'm totally known for my bad puns. And I do have a HUGE closet full of shoes, only instead of Manolo Blahniks I have a rainbow array of $2 flip flops from Old Navy. Instead of lunch with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, I go to Tuesday night yoga with Alison, Kristine and Michele.

Who would have thought that the same gals who grew up listening to the New Kids on the Block (which I am SOOO not guilty of, by the way) would also turn out to be avid quilters and want to make there own dresses and curtains? Who would have thought that an Amy Butler bag would be a hotter commodity around these parts than a Louis
Vuitton? That the ladies who watch Grey's Anatomy religiously on Thursday nights would also go and take notes at a Kaffe Fassett lecture? (Okay, THAT I am guilty of). And most of all, who would have EVER predicted that Quilting and Sewing in general would morph from this old-fashioned, antiquated pastime into a trendy, chic and fulfilling hobby. Not me.

The point is, as Carrie would definitely point out, we have it all. We have balanced the crazy, hectic schedule of our lives with this calming, quiet little ritual that also happens to bond people together in a way that most hobbies don't. It doesn't matter what your age or background is- I have seen it happen time and time again at the shop- people who would never otherwise have connected end up bonding over a sewing machine. That leads to talk of music, food and drink, family ties and past loves. And people around here live deceptively juicy lives. NYC has got nothin' on Midcoast Maine, trust me.

Just remember, ladies, I have two simple rules:

What happens at Alewives STAYS at Alewives.

And... don't drink and sew.

Until next time!!!




Unknown said...

Sorry I haven't called back. I'm on a no phone no human interaction diet, courtousy of my husband. (He's a little overprotective) I love the fabric, thank you!

Kate said...

oh man I am dyin'... quilts and the country, I love it.
wish I had a group of friends that love what I do... but alas... I spend my friday project nights alone, well, with my husband in the other room, but he never picks up a rotary blade so he doesn't count... :)
sounds like you live the perfect life... or at least an awesome one!

Liz said...

Rhea Rhea - how thoughtful, well said and sooooooo true. And, I'm ever so glad you're Rhea and not Carrie!

btw, be careful of flip-flops made in China! See

You (and Carrie) are right: We so have it all. Life is so very good.