Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Inclement Weather, Impromptu Day Off

Hello one and all,

As you may or may not know, our official "inclement weather" policy here at the shop is "If school is canceled, WE are canceled." School was canceled around these parts at 12:00 noontime today, and not long after that, we cleared out. Admittedly, we are kind of "wussy" about the bad weather, and I apologize to anyone who was locked out of the store, but I had taken a little trip into town earlier today and saw no less than 2 accidents and heard news of 2 more. Yuck. And this was not a "glamorous," "snow-bunny" type snow-storm, either, but a yucky, slushy mess.

I've gotten sooo used to these jobbers here on the coast, where it snows and then it rains and the rain washes away all of the snow and just leaves slush and dirt in it's wake. The only thing for it is to go inside and "hunker-down" (a highly respected form of art here in Maine), close the curtains and crank up the heat that you can't afford to pay for and watch a good DVD or two.

In my case, the timing couldn't have been better. My schedule at the shop is a little funky in that I always have two days off a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), but never two days in a row. Because of the inclement weather today (which is Wednesday) I have the rare luxury of THREE days off in a row, so this is really like a long weekend for me. And I am hunkering down with the best of them: alternately watching "Sex and the City" on Netflix, eating Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits (Still no kitchen, am on the "Old School Dorm Room Diet"), catching up on my Graphic Design jobs, reading "Rhett Butler's People" (A good read, but I'm a little fierce about my "Gone With the Wind" and feel like the author, Donald McCaig, just doesn't get Rhett and Scarlet quite right- he's giving them WAY too much credit) and ah, let's see: oh yes, surfing the net.

So, no Sewing Lounge tonight. About a hundred feet away, my little shop sits dark and empty for once but I am sooo loving this impromptu day off business. Who knows when I might get THREE days off in a row again?

See you soon,


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Liz said...

Hi Rhea - it's 84 degrees today and I'm off to water aerobics! Part of me would like to be nestled close to the fire with a snowy day outside - a very small part of me. Rhea, I have three complimentary nights at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. They expire in March. Can you possibly get three days in a row off again? Can you use them? Cheers!