Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Celebrity Encounter

From time to time in our little shop we have a brush with greatness. Granted, our idea of greatness is not of the "George Clooney" variety, but more along the lines of "quilting" and "sewing" greatness. Example: I almost flipped my lid and counted my lucky stars that I was in the shop when Amanda Blake Soule (of SouleMama blog fame) stopped in the shop. I was definitely star-struck then, and ultimately flattered when she wrote about and posted pictures of our shop (and even sent a shout-out to me, personally, by name!!!) on her blog. Definitely tried (and failed) to keep my cool that day.

And anyone who was a part of the Kaffe Fassett workshop in the fall of 2006 still gets a little twinkle in their eye when they remember him critiquing their quilt. He was very nice to me, although at one point he did tell me (and rightfully so)regarding a pink I had chosen to go with my greens,
"Good. Now that you've gotten that horrible "lipstick" color out of your system let's find something good to use." Yowzah. And remember, I was one of the people he was NICE to.

Well, long story short, we had ANOTHER quilting celebrity pop into the shop yesterday. Her name is Nancy Merman, and if that rings a bell, it SHOULD, because this little lady is responsible for designing the EXTREMELY POPULAR "Skrappy Sack" and "Fat Quarter Skrappy Sack."

I cannot even tell you how long I have been making (and teaching) the Skrappy Sack. It is a perennial favorite here at the store. It's something we sell all the time, teach all of the time and make kits for all the time. It's been a staple in our "Quilt Store Diet" for AT LEAST 10 years. So to meet this lady was, for me, HUGE. And Nancy was sooo nice. She and her husband Ken were staying at the Mill Pond Inn, just up the road, so naturally, she had to check out the local Quilt Shop.

Nancy, I was very glad to meet you (even though it was my day off and I was wearing my yucky "yard work" clothes and had dirt and grass and leaves all over me like some sort of crazy girl who had been raised by wild animals). I know you don't think of yourself as a big celebrity, but to us, in our own weird little "Quilt Shop Universe," you most definitely are an A-lister.

See you all soon!!!



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Liz said...

Very cool!!! I love my scrappy sack and so does my mum-in-law!