Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Little Folks" voile has arrived and highlights of the day

Anna Maria's "Little Folks" voile arrived today.

What's a voile?

It's a very silky, soft and drape-y cotton.

Perfect for garments.

These are just spectacular and I love that Anna Maria has made a departure from the regular 45" quilting cotton routine.

It's very progressive of her.

These fabrics are 54" wide and you're going to love them.

Check 'em out in the online store here.

Other good news today:

• My girlfriends and I are going to see Ani at the Strand in Rockland in January. Got our tix. Plan to eat at In Good Company.

• Then we are going to see David Gray at the Merrill in April. Will be dropping everything at noontime on Monday to get tix. Plan to eat at Fuji's.

(Amanda, are you gonna be there, you concert-hopper, you?)

• Ollie is making din din tonight whilst I sew.

• We watched Julie and Julia last night and loved it.

• I got my hair cut at Aura today by the fabu Natasha.

• Have decided to get up and out of bed at 6:00 am everyday regardless of schedule to see if I can be more "awake" if I put myself on a schedule and if I get more work done during the early-ish hours instead of frittering them away. Will let you know how that goes.

• (As a small business owner with no health insurance who would love to have kids but would reeeaaalllyyy like to have health insurance before she does so) Am very excited at the progress being made with the Health Care Reform bill.

• Am also very pleased that our own Susan Collins is a big part of that progress AND she's a Republican, which I think is very progressive of her.

(Got that off my chest).

Alright, AlewivesGirl over and out.

Will see you again soon.




Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

I need to make a trip so I can see that voile in person! Love, love, love Fuji! It's my favorite restaurant ever. We went there so much when I was pregnant with my first that the waitress knew what I was going to order. Scary. Maybe it's good for my pocketbook that we don't live so close any more.

zoesimm said...

love me some Ani...seen her 4 times & she'd better every time :-) Have fun!
Kelley simmons

Oregon Rafting said...

I can't wait to watch Julie and Julia. Your website is so beautiful. I get lost in the colors and textures. Thanks for the inspiration!