Thursday, February 18, 2010

Virtual Turning Twenty Class!

She is up on the site!

Go take a look (scroll down to the bottom of the page: classes are listed in chronological order) and let me know if I have left anything out!

(And wish me luck!)



PS I will leave the giveaway for the free seat in the Virtual Turning Twenty class up for a few more days, then choose a winner!


Beej said...

Yay! Super Exciting! :-D

abbie said...

congrats!! I am sure the butterflies are flying in your tummy now...oh, how many is the limited class size? Good luck!

Rhea Butler said...

Barbara; you are all signed up! Thanks and have a great time this weekend!

Abbie; class size is limited to 10, or I should say limited to 9, because I have already had one gal sign up!