Friday, April 23, 2010

Point 2 Point Scavenger Hunt

Last week, Ellen from Purl Diva and I posted teasers on our blogs about a fun fiber-filled adventure that we are planning for you. We think we have kept you in suspense long enough, so without further delay....we are pleased to announce the "Point 2 Point" Scavenger Hunt!

Ellen and I thought about our favorite places to shop and eat in Damariscotta, Wiscasset, and Brunswick, asked the owners of these local businesses to join us in this event, and they agreed!

Here's how the scavenger hunt will work:

Participating businesses will be listed on the scavenger hunt map (to be provided at your first stop on the hunt). The businesses will each have a clue at their respective locations. You will need to figure out the clue for each location, collect "proof" of each answered clue, and drop off your results at the final location. Each participant will earn a raffle ticket for each correct "proof".

We've also included some local landmarks to mix things up a bit. We'll give you information on their general vicinity, but you'll have to figure out exactly where they are.

Oh, and the businesses on the list are offering discounts and/or raffle prizes!

So clear your schedule for May 22nd and/or 23rd, and carefully review the following guidelines for the scavenger hunt:

1) You will need to bring the following items on your hunt: digital camera, pen.

2) You must begin and end the scavenger hunt at Purl Diva and Alewives Fabrics, in whichever order you choose. (That is, if you begin at Alewives, Purl Diva must be your last stop. If you begin at Purl Diva, Alewives must be your last stop.)

3) Pick up your scavenger hunt packet at your first stop. Your scavenger hunt packet will include the following items: a map, a list of the participants and their business hours, these guidelines, and your first clue.

4) Drop off your scavenger hunt packet, with proof of clues answered, at the last stop. Some clues will require photos. You will need to show us your digital pictures at the last stop.

5) Please be patient when you are at the various businesses on this list. Non-scavenger hunt participants will have first priority for these businesses.

6) Feel free to ask passers-by to help you answer the landmark clues.

7) It is not necessary to go to every stop on the list. HOWEVER, it will be more fun and you will receive an extra raffle ticket if you do make it to all the stops.

8) You have all weekend to do the scavenger hunt (but you could definitely finish the hunt in one day).

9) Please note the business hours of the participants on the list and coordinate your hunt accordingly.

10) You may do the scavenger hunt in groups, but each person must provide proof of answered clues. However, group photos at specified landmarks are OK.

We'll be posting more info about the hunt, so be sure to check back here to make sure you don't miss anything!


Rhea and Ellen

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