Sunday, May 23, 2010


Checking in with you:

• If you were ever planning to visit the shop, now would be a great time to do so, because the Alewives are running and it is just glorious in the Mills right now.

• This coming weekend (Memorial Day weekend) will be the Fish Ladder Festival. We will be painting faces and showing a DVD about the Alewives and the fish ladder here at the shop. All for free and all proceeds benefit the Fish Ladder Restoration Fund.

• Bought some stuff (shoes!) from Nordstrom for the wedding (thanks for the catalog, Nadine!).

• Point 2 Point Scavenger Hunt wrapped up yesterday: what a success! I can't wait to do it again next year and I can't wait to meet Ellen for Margaritas this Thursday night to talk it all over.
Thanks to Ellen and everyone else who participated.

• A man came in to the shop today who turned out to be the Poet Laureat of Rockland, Maine (I never knew they had such a thing... I wonder who the Poet Laureat of Damariscotta Mills is?) and he asked for some paper and went out on the front deck. When he came back in, he recited a poem that he had written just for us! I will post it here so you can read it, too, as it was probably one of the top ten neatest things to ever happen at the shop.

• Speaking of neat things, Amanda came to visit us on Tuesday. I really like that gal. Can't wait to see how her project turns out.

• Do you guys think it is weird that I am probably the only fabric-store person not blogging about Quilt Market in Minneapolis? Mom and I would love to go, but when I think of all the fabric we could buy with all of the money it would cost to go, the fabric wins out every time. Plus I am from Maine and I hate crowds. And planes. And waiting in line. So that might have something to do with the "not going to Market" thing.

• Had my very first "last" Turning Twenty online class yesterday afternoon. What a great idea that was, I am sooo glad I did it. I met the coolest ladies and have seen some pretty kick-butt quilts. Take a look at Colette's finished quilt top here.

• Went to In Good Company with my very best girlfriends this week and got a lot of good drinking and talking done. It probably added a good five years to my life expectancy as it was a marathon venting-session. My friends and I are nothing if not champion venters.

• Ollie and I have a date with the hot afternoon sun to paint our little boat. We had a big debate (argument) over whether to paint the boat red or black. Obviously, I was team red. Obviously, I won the debate (argument). Bought some Sunbrella remnants at On Board to cover the cushions with. Did I mention this bought is actually small enough that the two of us put it in the back of Ollie's truck and drive it up the street to the neighbor's landing and then carry it to the water? Ahh, but it's ours, all ours... And it's going to be red!

That's all for today... have a great start to your week!




Leah said...

Just a quick question for you... I was looking at Colette's quilt top and saw she was sending it all to be quilted by someone else. Is this a common practice? Where does one find someone to do this for them?

Rhea Butler said...

Hi Fawnbrooke!

We have a gal here at the shop who does long-arm quilting for us.

I get all of my large quilts (twin size and up) machine quilted by a pro because their larger machines can handle a big quilt much better than my little machine can: especially if I want one of those nice, swirly designs.

Our long-arm quilter is named Barbara and her e-mail is

I'm sure she would love to hear from you!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Alewife Festival! We've talked about going, so I'll let DH know and hopefully we can come by on Sunday. The kids would love to see all the fish!

Colette said...

So proud my quilt made your blog!!! Thanks for making the class so FANTASTIC and FUN!

Beej said...

I'll try to get pictures of mine to you soon! I'm horrible. ;-) Your class though was awesome!