Monday, May 10, 2010

Playtime with Olive: the Happy Stacker Ring Toy by Heather Bailey

The Happy Stacker Ring Toy has been Olive-tested and approved!

Francesca shared that Olive has a similar toy at home that is made from wood, but that she always worries about the wooden peg the rings stack on: lots of "poke-your-eye-out-potential" there.

Not so much with our fabric version!

This Happy Stacker was lovingly sewn together by one of my sample sewers: Carol in Connecticut.

Carol advises that the pattern is best suited for intermediate sewers or advanced beginners and to be advised that there is quite a lot of hand-sewing, so you need to be patient that way.

She says that the turning of the rings works perfectly every time, provided you follow the directions exactly and once you have done this step one time it will all make sense.

Pay close attention to lay out the pattern according to the grain lines marked on the pattern pieces: this will help to avoid funny bulges and ovals and keep the rings "donut-shaped."

According to Carol, the illustrations are great and very clearly written out.

We have some Happy Stacker Ring Toy patterns (and some new Heather Bailey patterns, too!) in the shop.

Thanks for stepping up and testing out the Happy Stacker for me, Olive!

And thanks so much to my sample sewer Carol for making such a great toy!




mel said...

Glad for the mini review as I have this patteren but have not gotten around to sewing it yet. However, I do have a toddler of my own and 2 girlfriends expecting babies soon!

LizzieAlone said...

Hi Rhea - I made this ring toy for my grand-babies. It was fun to make and turned out so cute! Seeya soon