Saturday, May 1, 2010

Show and Tell: La La Log Cabin


It is a beautiful Saturday morning here.

A great day to go to the NEMQG meeting in Portsmouth.

I am bringing this quilt I made for show and tell at the meeting, but I thought it was high time I showed you something I had made here in this space as well.

This is one of my La La Log Cabin quilts.

I made it for my little sister Johanna for her 12th birthday this past February.

I have never made her a quilt before, can you believe it?

Here's a closeup:

And here's the picture I snapped by accident when I was trying to take pictures in the parking lot while one of our customer's husbands sat in his car and watched me:

Which reminds me of a funny something that happened yesterday...

I had a customer come in the store and tell me that "Real Mainers" don't pronounce the "V" in the word "Alewives."

According to this lady, they pronounce it "Alewise."

I had a hard time letting that go.

I knew I should have just smiled and nodded and let her think whatever she wanted but I'm just not that girl.

I said "I'm pretty sure they pronounce the V."

"No," she said, "Not Real Mainers. They don't pronounce the V. They say Alewise."

I said "Apparently myself and my entirely family and everyone I have ever met are Fake Mainers then, because all of us pronounce the V."

(Sometimes I don't think I should be allowed to work with the public).

Thanks for letting me borrow your quilt, Noo Noo!

And I cannot WAIT to see what everyone else brings to share at the meeting.

I am going to bring my camera so here's hoping I remember to snap some photos!

See you again soon...




Liz said...


I get schooled on what 'real Mainers' do all the time... I must pretty much stand out like some neon sign blaring "I'M NOT FROM HERE" because everyone sure notices!

It's funny to hear that even 'real Mainers' get schooled!

Enjoy your day. :)

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Makes you wonder why she thought you were a fake Mainer. LOL. Have an awesome time at the meeting. I really wanted to go, but DH had to work and I have too much to do around the house with the arrival of Spring and visitors next weekend. I can't wait to hear about it!

Kate Hassett said...

Your quilt is AMAZING!!! WOW WOW WOW!

Heather said...

I love all the florals in this quilt. The blue is so beautiful.

ceinwyn13 said...

Beautiful quilt and I LOVED the story. Did it occur to her that different dialects from different parts of the state my pronounce things a tad differently? I'm from the small state of Maryland and on the Eastern shore there can definitely be a difference.

Francesca said...

I love this quilt! Honestly, since I've seen it from the beginning (when I didn't sew) it has been a huge inspiration for me. You got MAD Style girl! And was that woman even from Maine?
ps I spy on you too...I loved your outfit today (sunday)

suzanne said...

That quilt is an inspiration. Can't wait to hear about the meeting.