Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Single Girl Stitches

... And my last single girl post!

Well, there were times I never thought I would say this, but I am leaving today to get married.

And before I leave this space for a few days, I wanted to share with you my last single girl stitches.

I have made a "Guest Quilt" to have people sign at my wedding.

Originally this was a much, much, MUCH more complicated design, but as the days ticked by it became more and more apparent that the quilt I had originally intended for my Guest Quilt was just not going to happen, so I had to go to Plan B.

Plan B was some "Turnover" Triangles that were leftover at the shop and some Martha Negley for the border... all I had to do was cut some off-white muslin squares into triangles and stitch everything together... easy peasy.

I won't be posting for the next dew days, but please do check in with my lovely photographer (Miss Erin of BluebirdBaby) for shots from the big day, and when I get back I will share some pictures with you as well.

Thanks everyone for all of your wishes and support... they mean a lot to me, probably much more than you know.

See you again soon when I am Sadie, Sadie, Married-Lady.



PS... Came home tonight after a hard day's work of stitching the Guest Quilt followed by Mani/Pedi's and Mexican food with some of my friends to find this Jack-o-Lantern waiting for me on the front step, which made my heart melt. It took a long time to find him, but I am definitely marrying the right man. If you are single, please don't "settle" for just any ol' man... I am glad I didn't. And that is my last single girl advice!


Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Good luck this weekend! Have a great time!! Fun, fun, fun. And love the idea of a guest quilt. And dang, that Jack-o-lantern is super-sweet.

Meg said...

Happy wedding!

Pamela said...

have a lovely day with your soon to be husband! being married it the BEST thing!


DianeY said...

My heart melts at that pumpkin, too! What a sweetie!

Susan Barr said...

Have the BEST time Rhea, and make sure you take a moment to enjoy it, it goes by so quickly. :) I will be thinking good and happy thoughts all day for you!

the momma said...

I am so excited for you! Happy wedding weekend

phamilton_gordon said...

OMG! how very exciting rhea!


Suzanne from Hallowell said...

Cheers, Rhea! Here's to a wonderful wedding and marriage. May the two of you have many happy years together.

LizzieAlone said...

Best wishes for happily ever after, Rhea!