Monday, November 15, 2010

Liesl workshop a success!

This past weekend was phenomenal...

(Perhaps my favorite photo of the day... " Contortionist Liesl" gets up close and personal with Judy's machine)

(Dash's almost finished pair of Nature Walk Pants)

(Above: Trish's version of the Hopscotch Dress with faux sleeve inserts)

We all learned and laughed and finished our projects and hung out with a sewing celebrity: what more could you ask for in a workshop?

I am already scheming and scamming to get Liesl back here again (perhaps this spring?).

Thanks so much to Liesl for flying out here (hope they didn't make you do one of those body-scan things... sheesh!) and thanks so much to everyone who took the class and came to the evening's Q+A... we had a great time!



Updated to add: There is a really great write-up of the day and even more pictures here on Tina's blog, SquirrelAcorns. Thanks, Tina!!!


Trisha said...

Thank you Rhea and the rest of the Alewives team for hosting such and amazing event! The day was GREAT!! I would say that it was the best day I have spent sewing.

Thank you Liesl for teaching! You are amazing and super nice. I am glad I had the chance to attend.

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

I had such an amazing time at the workshop!! Thanks for hosting such a fab event, and thanks to Liesl for the wonderful teaching. I'm definitely not as intimidated by knits anymore. Posted my pictures on my blog:

pamela said...

i would have loved to attend! maybe next time you can do a little video of the workshop - hard to do when you're running it, i know. but those of us out west would love it!

Lori Shafer said...

I enjoyed the class so much...i finished my shirt to the outfit on monday morning...its a very cute outfit