Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: so far, so good

Want to know what Ollie and I did last night?

We went over to The Cancer Wife's house (whose husband recently found out that he is cancer-free... hooray!) and we sent our wishes into the air in the form of wish lanterns.

Miraculously, we didn't set anything on fire that wasn't supposed to be set on fire.

We did have some good laughs, though.

I made a wish or two last night... how about you?

Welcome home, 2011!

(And thanks in advance, M, for letting me steal your photo!)




Crafty Maine Mom said...

Rhea, I just noticed that you need to update your profile from engaged to married. A fun improvement.

Anonymous said...

What's mine is yours friend. Thanks for ringing in the new year with us.

Yankee Crafty B*tch said...

Rhea! I would love to know how you guys made those....a guest blog post on YCB perhaps?

Rhea Butler said...

Ohh, Sorry, YCB...

My neighbor bought them on the internet, but they are wicked easy to find!

I could do a guest blog post on how to google "Chinese Wish Lantern," I suppose.



Michele said...

Sounds like a fun time! We spent New Years in NC and my boys got to go sledding and make snowmen for the first time :) We used to live in Maine but the move to Florida put an end to the snow before they were old enough to enjoy it.