Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Textiles in my life...

Sadly this post is filled mostly with textiles that you cannot buy (well, atleast you cannot buy them from me, anyways...), but I thought they would be fun to share.

Let's take a little tour, shall we?

A funny story about this gorgeous table cloth: Mom and I went to the Flower & Garden show in Boston this spring, and there was a man there selling the MOST AMAZING tablecloths from Belgium and France.

Mom bought this tablecloth which was waaay out of my price range, and the whole ride home from the show I told Mom how much I loved the tablecloth and basically arranged for her to leave me the tablecloth in her will, because, as I pointed out to her several times, it would look really good in my kitchen.

Imagine my "surprise" (quote/unquote) when she gave me this tablecloth for my birthday.

(Actually, by my birthday I had forgotten all about the tablecloth so it really was a surprise... and I do love this tablecloth very much which you will find out if you ever visit my house and I yell at you when you try to put something on it...)

My hand-screened fabrics from my new BFF Lucie over at Summersville came in the mail.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but whatever it is I can't wait to do it.

And Lucie sent me these magnets, too, made from some of her fabrics... I love them!

(Locals, the new Thai place in Damariscotta is really good: Ollie and I give it two thumbs up!)

My new ironing-board cover...

This is a "Pockets 2 Go" pattern, all made up by my friend Dawn...

She gave this to me for my birthday this year and I love it so much I don't know how I ever lived without it.

She's got my number: the linen and grey and teeny, tiny bit of orange stitching are perfect!

Currently the Pockets 2 Go is residing in my kitchen, handy for holding birthday cards and the like, but I have grand plans to move it into the office at the store and that will be the key to keeping me organized and on top of these things and I will never make another mistake again ever... all because of my Pockets 2 Go....

I couldn't help myself when I saw this little bundle of Liberty from Purl... it will probably become hexagons one of these days, but for now I just like to look at it and open it up and refold the little squares (*blush*)...

A new set of sheets I found at TJ Maxx, fresh out of the wash and waiting to go on the bed, super-soft with a cute print. Quite the score...

Remember this pile of fabrics from forever ago?

I made it into a quilt, which now needs to be quilted (and ironed, apparently...)

This would make a great picnic blanket, n'est-ce pas?

Throw pillows: the little one is from my friend Emily's shop, Nest, and the big one is part of the schwag Mom brought me back from her recent trip to Finland.

She new she was dead meat if she didn't bring me back some Marimekko.

I think they look nice together, don't you?

And although I am not expecting (I repeat: I am NOT expecting), I couldn't help but pounce on this awesome deal over at Denyse's shop.

The entire collection of baby quilt sets (which include bumpers, a crib-size quilt, a pillow sham and pillow form) are on sale for just $70, including shipping!

I could. not. believe it.

So although I am NOT having a baby any time soon, I thought this was such a good deal I would keep it for when I do have a baby, or for a baby shower gift, or for a throw quilt.

I mean, for $70, how can you go wrong?

I believe that concludes the tour of non-Alewives textiles in my life.

They've been fun to collect over the last few years.

Thanks for going on this tour with me!



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angie said...

Oh what yummy fun! I love that table cloth! Can you leave it to me in your will;)
And those pillows....oh and the screened fabric, something fabulous must come of that.

Ok now on to Alwive...I can't wait for the new Far Far Away fabrics! How soon can we get our hands on that?