Monday, October 24, 2011

They had some big shoes to fill...

Amy Butler's newest fabric collection arrived on Thursday and is finally, finally, up in the shop.

I liked Amy's last collection, Soul Blossoms, a lot but I think that Lark is my favorite collection yet. I love that it's a little schizophrenic.

And I love this shirt. I assume the pattern will be forthcoming, Amy?

And speaking of shirts, I bought the Tova shirt pattern from Wikstenmade.

(Don't judge. I feel better about spending the money on that pattern than I do about most purchases I make...)

When it came in the mail it was like Christmas morning and I hugged it to me and read it like a book for the rest of the evening, sewing in my mind.

I think I will actually make a muslin for this one before I make it from nicer fabric and get everything just so.

I'ma go all Goldilocks on that shirt: this one is gonna be juuuust right!

And speaking of just right...

The new "Footloose" movie is really good.

I am a big fan of the original. I can pretty much spout the entire thing, word for word.

So I went to this newest version expecting to be disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised.

My cheeks literally hurt from smiling so much.

But that new girl who plays Rusty, she's pretty cute, but she ain't no Carrie Bradshaw!


Fabric sighting!

Ariel's bag was made from this older Anna Maria Horner fabric.

I looked for a better picture, but this was the best I could come up with:

(See it? See the strap right there? AMH all the way, baby!)

I give the movie two thumbs up!

I will see you again soon, enjoy your week!



PS... One year ago I was doing this! So far, so good!


Jacqueline said...

Oh, the Tova shirt pattern landed in my mailbox yesterday! Such a beautiful pattern presentation. I think I will make a muslin first as well, haven't even decided on final fabric. I'm sure I will make several!

Ashley said...

yay! love the tova shirt (in fact, I'm wearing one now!) Can't wait to see yours - you're going to love it!