Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Craft Swap photos

Damn it feels good to be a swapper...

I was so pleased... and a bit frightened marriages would end and friendships would dissolve, but in the end I think it all worked out okay!

There were 31 swappers total: 3 of whom were guys... way to represent, men!

There was lots of great food and everyone made amazing goodies for our Holiday Swap.

It was lovely to see new faces and veteran swappers and see what people made and what people stole... very fun.

See anything you would like to steal?




Luisa said...

That looked like a fun swap. I totally would steal those pillows.

Rhea Butler said...

I made those pillows!

The Hungry Crafter said...

That looks amazing -- so many beautiful things! Would love to see more of those Matryoshka dolls -- gorgeous!!!

Rhea Butler said...

My little sister (she's the one wearing the knit hat in the photos) made those Matryoshka dolls! Aren't they the cutest? They're from the new issue of Stitch magazine (not the special gifts issue... the one with the purple cover!). She changed the face up a bit and embroidered them with linen, but the basic pattern came from the magazine!