Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Velveteen Throw Instructions

Hello all,

The hot new thing at the shop has been, without a doubt, the Loulouthi Velveteens from Anna Maria Horner. Everyone loves them and we are already on our second shipment of bolts.

I couldn't help but notice how soft the velveteen is, soft, but a bit heavier than the quilting weight cottons and voiles that we are so used to working with.

This being winter in Maine, the heaviness combined with the softness is a wonderful thing indeed.

And then I began thinking what a nice throw the velveteens would make.

One of my friends had been in the shop a little over a year ago, when the Innocent Crush velveteens first came out, and she had purchased 1.5 yards (which coincidentally makes a perfect 56" square ) of the velveteen.

My friend paired her velveteen with a home-dec weight fabric to make a simple throw, and this really got my mind racing, but it wasn't until the absolutely gorgeous Loulouthi velveteens came in that I put my little plan into action.

So, without further adieu, I give you Alewives Fabrics instructions for the uber-popular "Velveteen Throw."

You *should* be able to click on the images and download them to your computer as full-sized (8.5" x 11") JPGS, but I am not the most computer-y of people, so if you have any troubles let me know and I will see what I can do.

In the meantime...

Here is a link to our selection of Velveteen (you'll need 1.5 yards).

Here is a link to our selection of Voiles (you'll need 1.5 yards. The link is to our "Garment Fabrics" page... just make sure you're purchasing a voile and not a corduroy or something else!).

Here is a link to our throw-sized wool battings (You'll need 1 per throw). I must insist you use the wool batting. It is light and fluffy and machine washable: the PERFECT foil to the heaviness of the velveteen and the delicate smoothness of the voile... plus it keeps you the most snuggly!

And a word to anyone who places an order for the Velveteen Throw supplies: leave us a note in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form if you'd like us to add a coordinating color of embroidery floss to your order. Just let us know what color you prefer or leave it up to us! We can also add some embroidery needles if you need them.

I plan to leave these instructions up as a free tutorial in my sidebar from now on.

If you are local stop by the shop to see the two samples we made up: they have been VERY popular.

It's not a matter of IF you make one of our velveteen throws, it's a matter of WHICH fabrics you'll use and HOW MANY you will make!

Enjoy and I'll see you again soon...




Elvie said...

I just finished my velveteen throw and I LOVE it!!! It was so easy. And the wool batting...oh my. I've never used it before but it's wonderfully warm and snuggly. I'm already planning to use it with my next quilt.


Anonymous said...

Wow! An amazing "last minute" Birthday gift and SOOOOOOOOOO easy!! I added a little bit of lavendar flowers to the batting layer-so it is cozy, pretty and smells divine! Thanks for the inspiration.

donna pina said...

hello from capecod,ma. my girlfriend(mainer)like myself originally, went to the quilt show last week-end in augusta and both purchased a velveteen kit that we picked out from your fabrics. she had purchased stripes for her back and i a print. she has never quilted so i tried to help her, the stripes were difficult to keep lined up and took awhile to make(more than 21/2hours)lol, but finally came out nice:mind should be a breeze when i do it this week.what a great idea and gift to make for special people.thanks again.a capecod and part-time maine quilter

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly do love my finished product, however, getting it done in 2 hours is a bit of a stretch. I would say in all honesty it took more like 6 hours. I will try it again and hope it goes a lot faster or it will be my 2nd and last Velveteen Throw. I hope not to discourage anyone, I am not at all a "Betsey Ross" type, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to start my first throw, but have a silly question to first -- did you prewash your fabrics and/or batting? I am concerned about how much might be lost to fraying in the wash.