Monday, June 25, 2012

A post about tiny pants for a person I haven't met yet


Let me say WOW and thank you for all the well-wishes and kind words about the baby.

I've shared all your comments (whether they were here on the blog or delivered in person at the shop or around town) with Ollie and we are both touched.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

*Clears throat*

So... those tiny pants!

We don't know if we're having a boy or a girl yet (although as you read this I may have just found out!) so the challenge at the moment is to make things that would work for either.

I love a challenge.

Most people's reaction to the baby news has been "This is going to be one well-dressed baby!"

So, in other words, the pressure is on to live up to the "sewing expectations" of my friends and customers (and myself).

I work well under pressure.

The Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner's excellent book Handmade Beginnings have been on my radar since waaaay before I was pregnant (that little patch across the butt just kills me!).

I've seen these pants all over the interweb and whether you've got kids or not, I think we can all agree they score very high on the adorable-o-meter. 

The day I came home from my first ultra-sound all I could think after meeting that little baby and seeing him or her up on the screen for the first time, rubbing his or her little baby eyes, wiggling his or her little baby toes, was:

A) Holy cow: there really is a baby in there!


B) I gotta sew something!

So, I drafted a copy of the pattern for the Quick Change Trousers (size newborn to 3 months but the pattern goes all the way up to size 2T) and before I knew it... pants!

Tiny pants!

3 pairs of teeny tiny pants!


All of these fabrics came from my stash and most of them aren't available anymore... but I did buy the bumblebee fabric recently on Spoonflower.

How fun to pick out fabric combinations for a set of Quick Change Trousers!

And I love that they are reversible, so really I feel like I made 6 pairs of pants, not just three.

The baby's due date is December 12th: 12/12/12.

I think he or she is going to need one more pair of Quick Change Trousers in this size.

A Christmas-y pair.

Something that would be perfect for a boy or a girl...

And perfect for a Christmas visit to Grandma and Great-Grandma!




karen bragg said...

Cute, cute, cute. You should (please) post some pictures of you so those of us following from a long way away can stay abreast of all the fun happenings.I'll be checking in from PA.

Kate said...

My "baby" will be 2 on the 5th December. (My "older baby" will be 7 in August.) Best of luck, and I can't wait to read more!

Rae said...

So SO CUTE!! Rhea!! And congratulations!!!


ldjm said...

I looooooooooove the fabrics you've used. And I'm loving these baby posts! My younger one will be 3 on Dec 2. It's a good month to be born!


Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

So, so, so cute!!

Lisa Coffee said...

Congratulations on the baby! And we love AMH's quick change trousers too. I've made many, many a pair for my two year old and I just made a wee tiny pair for number two who's due in Sept. Best of luck to you!

embracingitall said...

Congratulations on your baby news! Those pants are so darn cute. Your baby will be the best dressed cutie pie around. Jacinta

meghann said...

My cousin's third baby is due right after your little one. (My cousin's birthday is on the 17th, as is my sister's, and I'm hoping the baby is born that day too!) Anyway…you've given me an awesome idea for a baby gift…I think that little girl or boy is getting some little pants… xo

blocksandmore said...

Congratulations ! Last week my daughter was asking what I had made for the baby ? I have fabric I have started to gather but because she is still TRYING to get pregnant : ) I hadn't made anything. With pictures of your Oh too cute pants, I have book now on way and plans to fill a nursery here in Minnesota.

Kate said...

But... Is she a girl or is he a boy?!