Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Handmades: deck the walls

Bert is lucky to have a surrogate Grandmother who lives right down the street from us: Grammy Deb.

Grammy Deb happens to be an amazing rug-hooker.

She dyes her own wool and comes up with her own compositions.

I thought she might be up to something of the "hooked" variety for Bert and I was beyond psyched when she showed up for a visit and gave us this gorgeous wallhanging.

It makes me smile every time I see it.

And I love that she knew a stork would NEVER deliver a baby here in the Mills... the osprey would deliver a Mills baby, of course!!! 

So here he is, delivering Bert over a river full of alewives.

Safe to say no one gave us a custom-designed, personalized, hooked wool wallhinging except for Grammy Deb.

And speaking of Grammies...

My business associate (Mom) gave us this painting by the lovely and talented Susan Bartlett Rice for Christmas.


In Mom's former life, she was an art teacher and Susan was one of her students.

My guess is Susan got VERY good grades in art.

I have aaaaaalways wanted one of Susan's paintings and now that I own one I just want another one.

We have this painting hanging over Bert's crib downstairs.


And guess what?

It makes me smile whenever I see it.

And speaking of smiles...

I have officially become one of those mothers who can't post without including a picture of her baby.

Here's Bert in all his glory.

Ollie says he gets the pouty lip from me (dear God, I hope so...)
And one of my favorite pictures: my sister with Bert... 

Bert wants me to say "Thank You" to Grammy Deb and Grandma Ba Ba.

We love our decked-out walls.




BK said...

LOVING your posts! Those love gifts from the Grams rock. Oh he is one lucky baby! Keep 'em coming. The pictures of Bert make my day. Love, BK

Anonymous said...

Holy Cannoli, that's a beautiful baby! A natural before the camera. Somewhere the Gerber baby is weeping. You have extremely talented and generous friends. On a more personal note, I COVET that fox painting. xxxx Kat

Anonymous said...

Rhea, he's beautiful!!!! Savor every moment... xoxo sue