Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Handmades: A Pebble Vest

I was so pleasantly surprised when the vest from this post showed up in the mail one day...

Turns out, it was meant for Bert all along... who knew?!?

Bert has been wearing his Pebble Vest from Amanda almost every day... just the thing to keep his core warm on cold Maine winter days.

We get loads of compliments on his ensemble whenever we wear it out and about.

Both Bert and Mommy couldn't love it more.

Thanks, Amanda!  Come mug on him anytime!



PS  Perhaps at this point you are thinking that Bert and I have been very spoiled with handmade goodies.  To you I say... OOOOHHHH, you aint seen nothin' yet!


Anonymous said...

I saw that when she posted it, and I wondered if it was for you. It's beautiful. (So is he, of course!) xo

Anonymous said...

Precious Boy! Congratulations.