Monday, April 23, 2007

Final Four!!!

Good Morning,

It's going to be a balmy, gorgeous 80+ degrees in Boston today, and yours truly is down to her final four days at Butera. Now that the end is so nigh I feel a little nostalgic, but, nah... mostly I'm soooo beyond ready to get out and do my thang. Boston is still buzzing about the Red Sox' sweep of the Yankees. It took me a whole hour to calm down last night, but if I get to talking about the Red Sox I'll never stop so I'll just say that every once in a while it feels good to be a Red Sox fan: Watching the games with my Mom until the wee hours will always be one of my favorite memories, even when I'm old and gray. Especially on weekends when they WIN!!! And... I heart Jonathan Papelbon. I like it when he takes a deep breath and stares down the batter and goes to what I like to call his "Icy Place." Okay, I'm really done this time.

The other highlight of the weekend was taking advantage of the mahvelous weather and doing a little photo shoot. The balcony at the house is a perfect place to photograph big quilts, even if it is a three-woman (minimum) operation. We shot photos on Sunday, when the store is supposedly "Closed," but people always visit us anyways. For the record, I love it when you guys do that!!! I call it being "Un-officially Open."

Saturday was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! Between the crummy weather over the past week and the whole Gas and Oil thing over the past few years and trying to be good and frugal I think everybody just went nuts and needed to get some color out of their systems and onto their skin and sewing machines. And we're starting to see the "Snowbirds" come back again, so welcome back to all of our friends from away. My friend Jessica (who is not a Snowbird, but one of us local-loco gals) came in to finish her Amy Butler "Weekender Bag." I have to say, she did a wicked snazzy job... The bag looks like a million bucks and it's done up in her very own hand-dyed silk (You should definitely check out her silk jewelry... it's amazing!!!). When it was all done we went outside for a little "catwalking." She really got into the posing...check out those boots!

The other photos are of my friend Michaela's very own "Basket Weave" quilt that she made up in Heather Bailey's "Freshcut" fabrics. The kit and pattern and fabrics are available at the shop AND she's going to teach it as a class in the very near future. Is it not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I told her it's so pretty it breaks my heart... and that's the truth!!!
And speaking of Michaela, I'm off to PaperSource to buy envelopes for her wedding invitations. I've got your back, Chaela... a Custom quilt for me and Custom invitations for you!

Enjoy the gorgeous day!!!

Rhea Rhea

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