Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nothing but Blue Skies do I see...

C'est ca!!!

There is honest to goodness blue sky and sunshine outside my window on Beacon St. this morning. I'm a little confused, though, because I haven't seen it for so long. So, I'm counting my "Lucky Stars" for a little good weather in my life. And speaking of Lucky Stars and Blue Skies... (insert shameless plug here)..., I just happen to have my Lucky Stars quilt top done up in lovely blues to show you. The pattern is by Atkinson Designs and it's one of my favorites: we have kits at the store and a class in the near future taught by yours truly.

In other news, Mom and I are almost ready to start painting the rooms in the "Alewives House." We have a lovely "Tiffany" blue color in mind (naturally) for the front room and a leaf-y green for what will be my bedroom. And on top of the paint jobs there will also be some really cool "HGTV" type stencilling going on. Very graphic. Very "fabric store." And it's something we can actually do oursleves so I'm psyched to get that project up and running.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a glorious spring day and I plan on using the natural light to take lots of pictures so I'll have oodles of new stuff to show you all. In the meantime, as my good friend Sue G. says... "Tally-HO!!!"

Rhea Rhea

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Unknown said...

The Lucky Stars looks GREAT!! Congrats on getting the blog up and running. I now have it "Favorited" in my favorites in the same folder as Heather and Anna Marie. (I know you LOVE that :) )