Friday, April 20, 2007

The most beautiful day in the history of the world.. EVER!!!

A joyful hello to everyone out there. I'm so happy the sun is out and it's in the 60's but it feels more like the 70's and I swear all of this warmth and sunshine is good for my soul. And, I've been running around town all day with Mom and my little 9 year old sister Johanna in tow. We've done so much today and plan on doing more... and of course 4 o'clock is the unofficial kick off of the weekend with project night. All of the gals will be there except for my Gracie-Girl (Who works hard for the money being a nurse) and we'll have a hoot.

One of the things Johanna and I did whilst running around was to take pictures of the Alewives House. Our handyman, George, was there with one of his helpers peeling old wallpaper. I've always heard Kaffe Fassett say how much he liked the way wallpaper looked as it was being stripped and now I see exactly what he was talking about. There were three layers of wallpaper in just one of the rooms: the top layer was a pretty blue and white geometric medallion, the middle layer was a terra cotta colored damask pattern and the bottom was teeny, tiny little orange lines. Fascinating... the top two layers looked kind of neat together, but the bottom layer (the teeny, tiny little orange lines) was hideous.

George also asked me the question that every girl longs to hear at least once in her life:
"What would you like me to build in the closet?" Instantly, my mind filled with visions of shelves and hangers and cabinets and neat little organization-y things. Just like all those photo shoots in magazines. Or like one of those scenes in a movie where with a wave of the magic wand glitter sweeps across the screen and all of a sudden the barren room turns warm and alive and glamorous and furnished. Good old George: every Quilt shop should have one. He helps me hang up quilts and changes light bulbs and dispenses Buddha-like advice. I always say he's our very own "Eldon," from "Murphy Brown."

Anyways, enjoy the pictures of the Alewives House "sous construction..." It won't look like that for much longer. Pretty soon I'll be all moved in and throwing a huge shindig for all my friends. As Johanna and I sat in the sun out on the balcony looking at paint swatches, watching the traffic by the store, dreaming of closets and paint chips and house-warming parties, it was very easy to be happy.

Talk to you again soon!!!



Nkai said...

d^_^b great work on the blog so far!

Can I borrow George? lol I suppose I'd need a real house for him to work on tho... *le sigh*

Anywho, can't wait to see your new home sweet home when it's done! Looks like you and your Mom have it well in progress.

And definately, today was THE most beautiful day!!!!

Shawn says 'Yer a nerd!' (in the most loving manner he posseses of course ^_~ ). *big hugs* we LUFF you!!!

Mayne 1713 said...

Gooooood Morning Rheanon!

Da here.

the hens are working overtime laying close to 100%. That means 11 or 12 eggs each and every day and they are huuuge. I'll be over to Grams with a supply.

Can't wait to see this thing unfold (but I will wait nevertheless).

Love as always,