Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Craft Swap is coming!!!

Here's a shout to all the local girls...

The second-ever Craft Swap is just a little bit more than a month away.

For those of you who don't know, the Craft Swap is

A) Just like a yankee swap, only with handmade items

B) A great chance to unleash your inner craft-diva

C) A surefire way to go home with something great


D) Insanely FUN!

And we would love to have you join.

There were almost thirty ladies swapping the last time we did this.

I think that any of them would say this is an event that is not to be missed.

There's a lot of swapping and stealing and I encourage that kind of thing.

Half the fun is stealing from each other, so NO BEING NICE!!!

(I assure you I will be cut-throat myself.)

Watch out for this lady in the picture above: she is RUTHLESS!!!

In order to participate, you MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE and receive a copy of the craft swap guidelines.

No craft swap crashing!

And, your craft does not need to be sewing-related.

It can be knit, crocheted, appliqued, decoupaged, felted, beaded, bangled, spangled, tatted, bedazzled, cooked, baked, or all of the above...

As long as it is handmade by you and FABULOUS, it is up for swapping.

(Okay, so bedazzling is probably out then.)

We will also have some food and drinks and the craft swap just happens to be the day after Mom's birthday so I think a little birthday cake is in order. She will probably try to use the birthday thing to her advantage and I can't blame her... it is a pretty good strategy.

So put your game/craft-diva face on and SIGN UP!!!

(You can do that by e-mailing me at rhea@alewivesfabrics.com, or calling us at 207-563-5002 OR you can stop in the shop and sign up in person.)

I hope to see you there!




mel said...

Man, I wish I lived near your shop! You have the best events and nowhere that I know of in my area offers even a sewing night! Gah!

Sounds like a blast!

jessica's ned said...

should we craft our dear barbara a birthday hat for the evening? i think so. i guess i better get crafting...

PartyWeDo said...

We love the craft swap idea... (Yankee Swap / white elephant)
Hope that you had a great event!

We are developing an online gift exchange application...

Michelle said...

Totally off topic, but I'm new to this blog...

The Heather Bailey summer blouse looks like it might be strange in the shoulders. Did you make any changes?