Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks and The Quilt Show and umm, oh yeah... A SALE!!!

First of all, let me say Thank You for all your well wishes on my last post.

I am sooo ridiculously happy and your kind words are a BIG part of that happiness.


We are going to get married in the Fall of next year, which means the coming year will be a very full one, indeed.

Here are some better pictures of the ring...

I've discovered that my limbs are simply too short to photograph each other so these were taken by Ollie.

He does good work, no?

Both as a photographer and as a purchaser of rings.

The ring is vintage, from the 1930's.

Ollie bought it at Stars and there is a sweet, funny story behind it...

If you're good maybe I will tell you someday.

Second of all, let me say Thank You to everyone who came and said Hi at the Quilt Show.

It was so nice to meet some of you in person (especially my new BFF and Summer Peonies Octet winner Jayne!).

I also wanted to let you know that we had our most successful Quilt Show EVER.

Thanks to everybody who supports our "Funkiness..."

...Both at the Quilt Show and at the store.

We are very lucky indeed.

Thanks to Jessica and Jessie and Rina who cut a BILLION vinyl rolls for Grocery Totes (which we sold out of, by the way!).

It was not the world's most glamorous job, but you did it and you did it well.

Muh! I KISS you!

Here are some pictures of our booth that I FINALLY remembered to snap on Sunday (phew!)

It was a LOT of work and I am pretty zonked but I do love going to the show every year and I am pretty happy.

And finally, I get to the part about the SALE!

The Midsummer's Clearance Sale starts this Thursday July 30th.

The sale will run through Sunday August 2nd.

Certain fabrics will be on sale for just $5 a yard and certain books and patterns will be on sale for 50% off.

Sound good?

I thought so.

Here's how it's gonna go down...

Sale fabrics will be in the classroom and they CANNOT LEAVE the classroom (we have to keep them separate from the full-priced goods, you see).

We will cut for you in the classroom.

All sale fabrics must be purchased in half-yard increments.

That means you can buy a half yard, a whole yard, a yard and a half, two yards, etc... but you WON'T be able to buy five eighths of a yard or fat quarters, etc.

We will write you up a slip and then you can pop out of the classroom and proceed to the register as usual.

And there is going to be some good stuff in there, too.

Just you wait and see.

So, I do believe that is all, my dearies...

Thanks again and I will be back soon (ish).


Rhea at Alewives


Don't forget that the Craft Swap is coming up on August 14th. You can still sign up and get some super-great swag!!!


Jayne said...

Okay Rhea between the BFF love and the mention of a sale, you did it! I'm gettin' in the car and headed to Alewives! $5/yd and 50% off is all I need to hear........... See ya at the sale!

mel said...

Any chance any of the sale goodies will be available on your website...for your out of state Alewives lovers!?

Jodi said...

this is my 1st time to your blog and WHAT A GREAT POST to see. Congrats!

kt said...

yes... I want a sale for the out-of-staters. :)

also, on a random note... when in the fall is your wedding potentially going to be?! I got married in the middle of october... fabulous! and great for matching some repros (my wedding signature quilt is made with repros). just saying... ;)