Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Norway? No Way!

Good morning,

Here's a nice story with a happy ending for you...

About a year ago, Ollie broke my best vase.

Ollie gets me flowers every now and then, and because my best vase is broken, I have been using my "plan B" vase, which is one of those wussy blue glass ones you get from the florist.

Ollie brought me flowers yesterday ( am I spoiled or what?).

I just couldn't bear the thought of putting said flowers into "plan B" vase.

I headed over to the store to steal one of our vases over there.

While at the store, I just happen to overhear a conversation between Jessie and one of our customers...

They were talking about Norway.

I thought to myself, "Self, there is only ONE gal we know of who lives in Norway and I bet that this is her..."

And it was! It was Emily of Ravenhill!

For anyone who doesn't know Emily, she is a Maine gal who now lives with her husband and children in Norway.

She has a beautiful blog and makes the sweetest little dolls.

She was recently on Heather Bailey's blog and her work has been featured in many magazines.

I found out about her from Iris' blog and I was completely smitten with all the eye candy.

It wasn't long before the perfect little doll came up in Emily's shop (closed for the moment, but check back again soon!).

I bought her and played the "happy mail box waiting game" and then she arrived and I blogged about her here.

It was very fun getting the doll and playing the "happy mailbox waiting game" but it was even MORE fun to get to meet Emily (and her Mom... hi Mom!) in person.

It makes my Fru Herland doll that much more special.

I was glad to see Emily went home with a gorgeous stack of fabrics that will be made into dolls someday and also some fabrics for an outfit for her beautiful little daughter.

It gives me a little thrill to think that some of our "Alewives Fabrics" will be heading to Norway and then who knows where they will go from there...

Ain't the internet grand?

And broken vases?

And flowers, of course!

Thanks, Ollie.

And thanks, Emily... It was so nice to meet you and your mother.

(I really love my doll!)

See you all again soon,


(the flowers in question...)

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Ann said...

Beautiful flowers and a great story. I will be popping over to look at that site.