Friday, January 1, 2010

Brand New Addiction!

2010 has been good so far!

Maybe I am slow to catch on, but did you know that Marimekko has a blog?

This blog is so inspiring with lots of great posts.

They show behind-the-scenes action, Marimekko fabrics put to great use in people's homes and studios, great project ideas and sneak peeks at upcoming lines.

I suggest subscribing, tout de suite!

(I do apologize if you lose hours of your life combing through the archives.)

Favorite finds so far?

The free Desktop Calendar, Tea Towel Art and the Fabric Wall Hanging How To.

Did you know that this fabric was used for the curtains in Carrie Bradshaw's apartment on "Sex and the City?"

I recognized it immediately!

But then, later on, when she painted her apartment blue in the movie, she redecorated with curtains made from this fabric:

What can I say, the gal's got great taste!

Now that I have my new kitchen table I am seeing a quick and easy table coth in this fabric and a series of wall hangings in this fabric in my future.

But, of course, the beauty of Marimekko is that you could do that the other way around and it would be just as effective.

A lot of people come into the shop and they ask me why the Marimekkos are so expensive compared to the other fabrics.

If you take a look at this post you see all of the work that goes into a Marimekko fabric.

They are also printed on wider yardage, so you are getting more fabric than you regularly would.

And of course, they are an independent company shipping out of Finland with several decades worth of design sensibility under their belt.

And if you think about it, Marimekko fabrics are actually quite a deal.

You just have to use them differently than other fabrics.

These are fabrics where the printed design is the star of the show and (in my humble opinion) they are best showcased in simpler projects.

You are not going to cut them up into tiny little pieces and make a quilt from them.

Their giant, graphic prints make them natural choices for crafting tablecloths and wall hangings and whole cloth quilts.

These projects are quick and easy and you often don't need much more than a yard.

Where else could you get customized tablecloths or wall hangings or bedding for around $40.00???

And even if you are not in the market for a new tablecloth or wall hanging or whole cloth quilt, you could always use a half yard or even a fat quarter and make something very simple, like a pillow or a tote.

Who wouldn't love a simple tote with one of these striking prints?

I know I would.

And I'm thinking Carrie Bradshaw would, too.

(Maybe in the new movie.)



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Kristine said...

OMG...i want a Marimekko credit card! can I have the poppies print in a platinum version please? :)