Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The best laid plans

Well, I had big plans for you all tonight, but they did not pan out, unfortunately.

I am putting the binding on a very special quilt that I cannot show you yet but that I will show you very soon and I had every intention of documenting the binding and posting a tutorial in my sidebar.

People are always coming into the store and they have their quilts all quilted or tied and they look at me and say "What do I do now? How do you put on the binding?"

I know these people are expecting a quick and easy answer: a five minute jobby, but anyone who has ever actually put a binding on their quilt knows that this is not a five minute endeavor.

There are special folds and special stitches and a couple of very important steps to remember and while binding is not hard (I repeat: binding is not hard!) you have to go in the right order and you have to know the tricks.

My friends May and Kristine have both taken binding pictures on their I-phones and made their very own tutorials and I always thought that a good binding tutorial would save a lot of time and heartbreak for some of you out there (including me!) and I thought that today was the day that the tutorial was gonna happen.


But the batteries died in my camera (and I was too lazy to find new ones).

But I realized I could not find my rotary cutter (and was too lazy to go over to the store to get another one).

But I happened to find some leftover binding from another project that was already made and the perfect amount and the perfect color for this particular quilt (rendering the making of new binding unnecessary).

So there is the story of how you missed out on a binding tutorial tonight.

It is my day off, after all.


But I have every intention of posting a binding tutorial here very, very soon.

But I had a great time putting the binding on while I watched Sense and Sensibility (which never gets old and it was a beautiful day outside and I probably should have gone for a walk or done something healthy like that instead of watching a movie and eating popcorn and drinking chocolate milk).

But I have now boiled the potatoes dry so I've really got to go (knew I shouldn't have had that glass of wine before dinner!)

Thanks and I will be back again soon!


Rhea at Alewives

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Nancy said...

Oh (not to put any pressure on!) but I could use a good quilt-binding tutorial! I am cutting fabric now for several doll quilts that will be auctioned in a few weeks. Come on, batteries! :)

I'm watching Sense & Sensibility right now (Tivo'd)--it is a guilty but enjoyable pleasure.