Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Power at the SHOP!!!

Hey guys,

Alewives has no power, which means I also have no power at my house.

We lost electricity in the big storm on Thursday night and have no idea of when it will be coming back.

Right now I am e-mailing from the parking lot of our little town's coffee shop because the bummer about losing your power (besides the no-heat/no-shower/ no-light thing) is that you can't TELL PEOPLE you have no power.

But, don't cry for me!

It has been (sort of) fun to bust out the candles and go to bed early and take it slow and socialize/commiserate with everyone else in the same position.

I am very grateful for neighbors and friends right now.

And very grateful that the only thing to have gone wrong was to lose power:

Our neighbors just across the street a bit have a big hole in their roof where a tree crashed through.

Thankfully, no one was hurt except the house.

Yes, I would say we got off very lucky, indeed.

I am thankful for everyone's patience and very sorry if you came to the shop and found yourself locked out or if you e-mailed us and thought we were ignoring you!

I will have a lot of catching-up to do when we get our power back.

If everyone can just be patient for a bit longer then in a few days all will be back to normal and I will SMELL a lot better, too!


Rhea at Alewives

PS We still held the Craft Swap last night, but we held it at an "alternative location." I have pictures but they will have to wait for the power, too!


Kaylovesvintage said...

ups..guess your power is back by

amanda said...

Oh goodness! I hope you guys are up and showering soon! We are hosting some power-less friends and family here tonight. It's amazing how many people are still without. Thinking of the Alewives ladies! xoxo