Friday, February 12, 2010

Tokyo Quilt Show

No, I didn't go...

But sit back and enjoy this fabulous slide show.

Just click right here.

It's like watching Quilt TV.

I like to play the "See if I can find any fabric that I recognize" game.

So far, no luck.

But, about five minutes in, there is a really cool "town scene" quilt and if you look closely, you will see two little mice getting married on one of the roof rafters.

See if you can find them!

Thanks so much to the lovely Miss Iris for sending me the link!



PS I apologize for the lack of photos and more in depth posts lately... I am a busy girl!

As I write this it is 3:05 and I am just now shoveling some lunch into my mouth...

It's so glamorous running your own fabric store!

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Suzanne said...

thanks for the slideshow - amazing.