Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Checking in: "L" style

Loving: our new Liverpool Dress sample (GREAT job, Tammy! You really stepped up and this has been getting SO SO SO much attention: people love the voile!)

Listening: to Gaby Moreno (she opened for Ani last weekend and they were both, ahhh, how do you say... amazing!)

Looking: forward to this fabric coming in (It's Nani Iro and it's fabulous and I have BIG plans for this, reader, BIG plans!)

Linking: to this (because I just think it is so darn cool.)

Liking: my new earrings and scarf from Darling&Delisle (Note to self: make sure my friends and family know that I want the words "Crazy Scarf Lady" on my epitaph).

Laughing: at this preview with Ollie (Whatever you do, just leave it at the preview. Under no circumstances are you to rent the movie... heed my warning and learn from our mistakes.)

Longing: for Spring and Summer to get here sooner rather than later (What did the Groundhog say???).

Looking: at this while I fold my laundry (almost sorta kinda makes it fun-ish! I have to admit that it won't be as entertaining without Ping around!)

Learning: all about Asian textiles when I went to Intara Wut today (they have just opened a gorgeous new shop on Main St. in Wiscasset and the husband/wife team who own the place are our new neighbors here in the Mills, too! Cannot recommend it highly enough!)

Leaving: the blog now to eat some garlicky mashed potatoes that Ollie made (bad-breath-ville, here I come!)



1 comment:

Jenny said...

the liverpool dress does look fabulous and must check out gaby...i lived and breathed ani about 10 years ago...saw her in concert 5 years ago, and then my beautiful children entered my life and someone MY music got pushed on the back burner...must reconnect!