Monday, August 23, 2010

Now carrying Stitch Magazine!

Here's a surprise for you all:

Alewives is now carrying Stitch Magazine.

With patterns running upwards of $16 these days, each one of these magazines is such a deal: jam-packed with patterns, ideas, projects, interviews, articles, reviews... all the things we love.

The next issue of Stitch comes out on September 14th, and we will be carrying it here at the shop.

In the meantime, the current issue and all 4 back issues are available at the shop and online, although we are running super-low on the premier issue, which seems to be a lot of people's favorite.

Update: Oops! Since writing this post, we've already run out of the premier issue!

Me, I like the Bright Ideas issue (Spring 2009), with the improv log cabin pillow on the cover.

(Of course!)




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