Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Future Fashion-Makers of America

It's Winter-in-Maine-chic, for the 12 and under set!

Today I bring you the lovely Miss Izzy (all of 5 1/2 years old, ladies) wearing her Alewives-Fabrics-meets-Oliver+S-meets-her-mama's-sewing-machine-finest.

Miss Izzy is sporting an Oliver+S design on top: the Hopscotch Top in the Downtown Turquoise Park Ramble interlock knit by Liesl Gibson for Moda Fabrics.

On the bottom Miss Izzy is sporting a Hilary P creation: her Mama's own skirt design. Note the matching orange knit underlayer and the fabulous pink boots.

Thank you, Mademoiselle Izzy, for showing the country- the WORLD - that Maine girls can be stylish and fashionable and fierce (and warm!) even in Maine, even in the middle of the winter.

I'm expecting BIG things from this girl in the future!




lissa said...

She is adorable and ready fir project runway any day. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

amanda said...

Love! What a sweet pea. ;)