Thursday, January 27, 2011

"This time of year..."

This time of year, the phrase "this time of year" comes up a LOT.

As in, "I don't know about you, but I could totally use a trip to some place sunny and warm right about this time of year."

And I think "this time of year" came a little earlier in 2011 than it has in the past.

Sometimes you need a little something extra to make you happy when you live in Maine at this time of year.

Sewing often fits the bill, but Zumba class (with the girlfriends, of course!), Prosecco (with girlfriends), Hot Yoga (also with girlfriends), enormous sticky buns and a good cup of tea will often do the trick as well.

But since this is (mostly) a sewing blog, we'll focus on that.

My friend Lynne stopped by the shop the other day to show off her finished "Pockets-to-Go" that she made in class with Barbara the other day. I think these are so pretty and I can think of all kinds of places I would use them in my house.

The fabrics are just what the doctor called for: un-apologetically bright and cheerful.

(Since I know someone will ask, that is our version of Amy Butler's "Sexy Hexy" quilt in the background)

Don't you just love the late-afternoon sun this time of year?

For us, late-afternoon sun happens at about 3:30pm, if it happens at all.

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to work with all these gorgeous, saturated colors, but this time of year in Maine when everything is kind of monotone and grey outside, customers will come in the shop and exclaim how we must never get depressed with all these bright colors to look at.

Most of the time that is true.

Especially when we get in a shipment like the Carmen collection from Anna Griffin... just look at these beauties:

Anna has recently struck out on her own, producing fabrics under her own brand name, instead of working for one of the larger manuacturers.

I am a big fan of women owning their own businesses, so thought it only fitting that we give Anna her own page on our website.

We have a little joke here at the shop that you know you've made it big when you win an Olympic medal, get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or get your own page on the Alewives Fabrics website.

This is just the type of dorky thing that we say to each other to get through this time of year.

But seriously, are these not the most sunshine-infused luscious lovelies you ever saw?

(*I love*)

While the next few weeks might be a bit rough, conditions are ideal for some "This time of year" sewing.

Stop by if you need a fix!




Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Love that Pockets to Go! I've not seen that pattern before. The outside zipper is super-cool. And I can't wait to see those Anna Griffin fabrics IRL. Look gorgeous. I actually don't mind "this time of year". This is the only time of year that I can walk my dogs off-leash in the woods behind my house because of the great, packed-down snowmobile trail! It's too marshy other times of year.

Colette said...

Those organizers are seriously FANTASTIC! I'll definitely be ordering the pattern and some fabrics for one soon :D What is needed to make the small square one?

Rhea Butler said...

Hello Colette!

For the smaller one you will need 1/2 yard for the main color and 1/2 yard for the contrasting color... FUN!!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I love to know more about the hot yoga