Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goodnight (Winter) Moon

(This one goes out to all the young mothers out there...)

Goodnight (Winter) Moon,
You won't be back soon.

We sent you away,
So that quilters could play.

You've been sent to Seattle,
New Jersey, Illinois,

You've been sent to some girls,
you've been sent to some boys.

You've been sent to Colorado, New Hampshire and such,
and to little old ladies who were whispering "hush."

Goodnight (Winter) Moon,
You won't be back soon.

(In other words, our "Winter Moon" fat quarter sets have sold out. But don't worry 'bout it none... I've got LOTS of tricks up my sleeve...)




Anonymous said...

Me want...

Anonymous said...

What a cute rhyme thing! You clever lady!
Bettie K.