Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

We'll be open tomorrow: laboring away on Labor Day.

Although, the gals and I have taken somewhat of a holiday weekend. 

Just for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we are taking a break from vacuuming and straightening up and ordering thread and all that boring stuff, freeing us up to wait on customers, fill online orders and then do some sewing! 

I've been working on my Superstar Quilt, Shawna has made a "Race to the Finish" Jelly Roll quilt and Pam has made three of these Heather Bailey bags.  

We're having fun, can you tell?

If you are cruising around on the internet, you should mos def check out my friend Dawn's new blog: it's called "Quit Your Stitchin'" and she makes some great stuff (mostly with our fabrics!).
She's a talented lady and one of my favorite people!

Have a Happy Labor Day and I will be back soon with some more baby sewing to share with you all!




Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out Rhea. Hope all is well, see you soon.

Unknown said...

PS. Your one of my favorite peeps also.