Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Happy October!!!
Or, should I say Soxtober??? I come back from a particularly satisfying night at Sewing Lounge and turn on NESN to find that my favorite Red Sox have taken Game 1 against the Angels. Sweet. And the best part? I know that my lovely little Grandmother will get the paper tomorrow morning and check to see if the Sox won or not and when I go visit her for tea, she'll say "I noticed your team won last night." She's the best. She reads and saves articles about Mac computers and Graphic Design (even though she doesn't particularly care anything about them, nor the Sox), because she knows that those are the things that I like. She takes good care of me that way.

My friend Kristine had her baby on Monday. Renner was born on October 1, 2007 and he's a gorgeous 10lb. baby boy. I went to visit her in the hospital and got to hold him and he fell asleep in my arms. I fell in love. He's great and has a fabulous Mom and Big Brother Maxin and Dad Jeremy. They are a totally cool family. But you know what? I'm a little terrified because 10lbs. is awfully big. I thought he might look small in person but that baby is sooo big for just one day old. Yowzah, Kristine. Way to go. You deserve a push present more than anyone I ever knew.

My friend Jessica is making a Turning Twenty out of her own hand dyed silks. She makes gorgeous silk jewelry that she sells at and I cannot sing her praises enough. She's so talented. I'm lucky enough to own one of her pieces and it's become my favorite accessory. I had to post a picture of her quilt squares as she was laying them out.

So, that's all for tonight. Just a quick woot woot for the Sox and all the awesome people in my life. Look for more very, very soon.


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Erin said...

Yay for a baby!! And 10 pounds? Ouch! She does deserve a medal!

Sorry I haven't responded to many comments on my blog. We've been busy! I do plan on coming tomorrow night if all goes well. I have a custom order to make (3 actually!), so I will have to do more work than play :(