Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving Top Ten Countdown...#1 A Vinyl Grocery Tote

Well, what can I say?

Here it is, 7:45 on the morning of Christmas Eve so I guess I can't delay #1 on the countdown any longer.

And #1 just happens to be a vinyl grocery tote. I saved this baby for #1 for a variety of reasons and I think you will agree that it's a great gift for many different people on your list.

The tote is a FREE pattern at the store (created by yours truly... there I go again, honking my own horn: honk, honk!!!) and if I do say so myself, there are plenty of merits to this bag. Just ask Nadine, who made a bag (shown in the first photo) for her sister Kat, or Meredith, who is in the second photo holding her "Halloween-y" vinyl tote bag. All using fabrics from a certain Fabric Store, in a certain little Damariscotta Mills (where it is SNOWING again!!! Merry Christmas to me!!!)

Some of those merits:

Did I mention that the pattern is FREE?

The tote only takes about 2 hours from start to finish: a good "palette cleanser" project.

The vinyl is just plain neat. It makes the fabric look so cool.

What a great way to help the environment.

Makes grocery shopping fun-ish.

A good project to show off your favorite fabric combinations.

Even if you are still making Christmas presents (holla!!!) you have plenty of time to make a vinyl grocery tote. Make them for every man, woman and child on your list, because there is no limit to the uses for these little numbers.

One nice little addition to the story of the vinyl grocery totes is that they have been popping up all over the internet. Check out Iris' amazing blog here and here and here for wicked sweet examples of finished bags. This girl has been cranking out vinyl grocery totes like nobody's business!

I do believe that the only problem presented by the vinyl grocery totes is that there are sooo many delicious combinations of fabric out there that it's hard to make a choice.

Don't lose hope: Focus, divide and conquer (and sew!) and have a Happy Holiday.

Remember, we close at noontime today so if you've got something to buy you'd better make it snappy!

See you there!




Liz said...

I gave a dozen of these as presents! They ARE the perfect gift. If you're wondering why I'm commenting on Christmas morning, I am STILL waiting for Jeff to get out of bed so we can get down to the business of opening presents and drinking mimosas!

Merry Christmas. Rhea!

Rhea Butler said...

I hear you, Liz...

I woke Ollie up at 7:00 and he said I was worse than a little kid (guilty!)