Monday, March 23, 2009

Yes, It's True!!!

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much to everyone who entered for the giveaway... The winner was the lovely Miss Kate Smith, who blogs at Philigry and I am so happy for her (I love how she made a little "acceptance speech" comment on the last post)!

And, Miss Kate was right... The name of the quilt in the last post was "Summer in Maine,"
which is very appropriate since...

Denyse Schmidt will be coming to Alewives this summer!!!

And I am beyond thrilled. My friend Kristine had been scheming away for the past few weeks as to how she was going to get me down to Connecticut to take one of Denyse's workshops at her studio in Bridgeport, but little did Kristine know that the whole time I was scheming away arranging for Denyse to come to us. There's the story behind the story, now here are the details:

WHO: Denyse Schmidt

WHAT: Improvisational Patchwork Workshop
(2nd photo is an example of "improv patchwork") A hands-on opportunity to learn Denyse’s intuitive design techniques while building a foundation for bringing your own individual style to quilts or other projects. Whether you are an experienced quilter or a beginning crafter, you will create exciting, rut-breaking work that will change the way you think about color, patchwork, and your own creativity.

WHERE: Alewives Fabrics, 10 Main St. Nobleboro, ME, 04555

WHEN: Saturday, July 11 from 11-4

WHY: Because we can!!!

HOW: $250 is how. This INCLUDES lunch and Denyse is bringing most of the fabrics you will need to create about 4 beautiful improv blocks. You will need to bring some sewing supplies (you know, rotary cutter, machine, thread, scissors...the usual suspects) PLUS 1/4 yard of focus fabric from YOUR stash. A complete supply list is available for anyone taking the class.

Speaking of which...

Space for this class is super-duper limited. There are only twelve slots, some of which are gone already and I expect the remaining ones to fill up quickly. Call the store, e-mail or visit us in person to sign up. And of course, if you want more info we'll help with that, too.

So that's my big news. I'm so pleased and many thanks to Denyse and her people for helping me arrange this amazing opportunity for all of us "Coastal Contemporary" gals.

See you soon with more updates!



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