Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Froget!!!

Don't you froget these exciting events comin' up!

...the SHOP HOP starts this Wednesday, April 1st
...the CRAFT SWAP is Friday, April 10th

...the RHEA'S 30TH BIRTHDAY SALE is Tuesday, April 14th

...the FABRIC LAMPSHADE CLASS starts Saturday, April 18th

...and that's just April!!!

See you again soon,




In case you were wondering, Twilight is a really good movie!!!


anne said...

is your bday april 14th?
(that's my husband's, i am turning 30 on july 9th)
how do you feel about turning 30?
btw, have been really enjoying your blog and love love the iron on vinyl grocery tote, thx!

Rhea Butler said...

I remember you!

How are Liz and Jeff?

Anyhow, yes, that is indeed my bday.

Number 3-0

I am OK-ish with it I guess.

Thanks for the blog-love and I'm so glad you love the vinyl grocery tote pattern...

If you ever lose it you can now download a pdf version from our NEW WEB SITE... yay!