Monday, August 3, 2009

Great news!

2 things:

A) I was feeling reeeaaallly lazy and have no ambition to clean out the sale room so we are extending our Midsummer's Clearance Sale by a few more days. I would get some good deals while you can because who knows when the mood will strike to pack it all up again. Probably by Friday, because...

B) Our fourth Summer Sew-Along is this Friday night!

I have successfully cajoled Iris into helping us with the Buttercup Bag which I am so jazzed to make. Iris is my go-to gal for the Buttercup Bag as I know she has more than a few under her belt.

The Buttercup Bag is a free download on the MadebyRae website. I just printed mine out this morning and I am soooo impressed with the directions and the pictures of the finished bag. Thank you, Rae, for sharing the goodness!

Here are a few things for everyone to keep in mind:

• Iris recommends Home-Dec weight Fat Quarters for the exterior of the bag and quilting weight for the lining. We have lots of home dec FQ's to choose from at the store and even MORE quilting weight FQ's.

• Everyone will need (in addition to their 2 Fat Quarters) a magnetic snap (of which we have plenty) and two buttons (optional).

• Alewives will provide everyone with a small scrap of heavyweight interfacing.

Sew-Along is super-informal, with no "teacher" and no set time as to when you need to arrive. Sewing Lounge starts at 4 and goes until 8:30 and you can show up and jump in at anytime. Lots of gals bring food to share, but it is certainly not required, and we always have a really good time.

Thanks again, Rae - and congratulations on your new darling Clementine! - for designing such a great pattern (check out her Buttercup Bag Flickr group) and a BIG thanks to Iris for letting me bribe you into coming over and being our Grand Dame of Buttercup Bags.

Now I am dreaming of which combinations of Fat Quarters I am going to use..

I know one of these coats is in my near future (long or short, what do you think?)

And I KNOW I am going to make it out of this fabric:

So I think it would be really snazzy if I made myself a little Buttercup Bag out of this fabric:

Armed with a coat and a bag like that, I can (almost) bear the thought of colder weather.

See you on Friday night!




Michaela said...

I like the shorter version of it for you. Plus I think it'd be more practical for when the snow gets knee height :D

mel said...

I LOVE the long jacket. I've thought about getting the pattern before, but was unsure of the difficulty. Please post a short review after you complete one for yourself, if you have time. I'd love to know what you thought. Your fabric combos are awesome and very deliciously fall! I have the buttercup pattern too and am thinking of whipping a couple up for Christmas gifts. Let us know what you think of that too!

Sorry, I just really love to get other opinions...makes projects feel a little less scary sometimes. :)

kt said...

I vote for the long jacket. mostly so that I can live vicariously through you... as I totally want the long jacket for myself. :)

Barbara said...

I vote long. As long as you tailor it to yourself, it won't be too long and I think it will be supercute.

Unknown said...

Is there a pattern for that lovely coat? I would LOVE to try to make it!! (love your fabric choices, btw!)

Rhea Butler said...

Hey Rox,

The pattern is the Uptown coat from Favorite Things and it will be up on our website soon, under the "Patterns" page.