Thursday, December 3, 2009

Around the House

Hello Friends...

Some pictures from around my house today:

Here is the 2009 TREE (yay!!!)

Ollie said we couldn't get a tree until December so Tuesday night I duh-ragged him all over the Midcoast looking for just the right tree.

I hate those fatty trees that are so fat you can't even hang an ornament on them.

I was very happy to finally find this tree at one of the local homes that becomes a tree lot at this time of year with the big round lights strung up at night and everything.

We threw it in the back of Ollie's truck and chugged our way home.

Then we decked the halls and made pizza and were quite pleased with ourselves.

I think this gal is my very favorite ornament...

But I think this might be Ollie's favorite:

I'm all about the wrapping this year:

Ollie brought out some presents last night and I am the WORST. SNOOP. EVER.

Worse than a kid.

Worse than I was when I was a kid.


I have a big ol' pile of Christmas cards to do...

Today is a good day to do them because it looks like this outside:

Wouldn't it be cool if all that rain were SNOW???

(Aww, come on... you KNOW you want a White Christmas!!!)

Here are some leftover Thanksgiving flowers to brighten the place...

Here are my mix-y match-y dishes on the wall...

Here is my new old hutch that I am waaay more in love with than should be allowed between a person and an inanimate object...

Here is that quilt I made and had promised to share with you...

Doesn't it look perfect behind Ollie's table?

He made it from an old barn door.

Here's a close-up:

Love that old, weathered wood.

And here's my breakfast which is calling to me like a siren:

I'm doing Weight Watchers.

Did you know you can have two pieces of a certain type of toast, PLUS 2 teaspoons of jelly, PLUS 2 teaspoons of butter PLUS 1 mug of hot tea for just 6 points?

It can be done, so I am a happy camper.

In other news, I have taken a personal day off from the store.

I just needed a day to pull it all together.

It's probably the second time in five years that I've taken a personal day and it feels sooo good.

Jessie is over at the store by herself today so if you visit be nice and go easy on her, although I'm pretty sure she can handle whatever you throw at her.

That's all for now.

Mom is feeling much better but she is still at home resting.

Thanks for all your well-wishes!

I will see you again soon...

Have a good weekend!




Geertrude said...

That's beautiful tree! We won't have a tree until after my daughter has her birthday on the fifteenth. I just can't have a lot of people over and have a tree in a living room of only 200 square feet (my, that sounds like a lot more than 18 square meters, but it should be the same).
I love those plates on the wall too. I found myself looking around, trying to find an empty piece of wall to copy that...

Anonymous said...

Your house decorations rock! I LOVE the plates on the wall and the hutch! Kudos for you for weight watchers! You go girl!

I hope your mom is doing better.


Suzanne G. said...

Everytime I read your blog, I find another thing we share in common. I, too, hate those fat Christmas trees. I thought I was the only one, practically, who felt that way. I even love Charlie Brown type trees. They need love too, don't ya think? I like white lights on my tree, and my husband likes colored lights. Since I like fairness in life, we alternate lights from year to year. This year, it's white--yeah! I usually do a popcorn and cranberry garland when it's my year. I don't think the garland goes with colored lights.

I was a terrible Christmas snoop as a kid; I used to unwrap and rewrap some of my gifts. My mother would hide presents before they were wrapped, too, and of course, I had to search them out. One year, I had to remind her about a gift when it didn't appear under the tree. I'm a big girl, now (47), so I don't snoop anymore, at least not for Christmas gifts. Grin...grin...wink...wink...

I love your quilt (I'd like to see a close up of that) behind Ollie's table. I like Ollie's table, too. I love things made from old wood. Well, to be honest, I love all things old. I seriously think I was born in the wrong century.

I think I'd love your house, based on the glimpses of it from your blog. You have nice taste.

I'm glad to hear your mom is feeling better!

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks wonderful
I"'m sure you will have a great time,enkoy